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Variety - the spice of (work) life!

Let's be honest, cleaning windows and everything else (gutters, PV cells, conservatories) on a property isn't the most exciting thing to do on a sunny day, but today we had a series of unusual and interesting properties to clean.  

We have a regular contract for cleaning the windows of the market hall in the centre of the Cotswold town of Dursley. 

They are sash windows that require a degree of skill and care to clean properly. Here's a shot of us at it: 

Cleaning the Dursley market place

Cleaning the Dursley market place

Included in this contract is the Dursley Heritage centre. This houses historically interesting exhibits charting the industrial past of Dursley. 

The front of the building nods to the Lister Petter manufacturing that took place in the town until recent years. The metals rods in front of the windows present an access problem, but the reach and wash pure water window cleaning system makes short work of it and provides a sparkling finish: 


We then moved onto a host of other properties in the Cotswolds, including plenty of stunning domestic houses. 

This property, nestled in the Cotswold hills, features unusual and difficult to access windows but always looks stunning after being cleaned.


When are windows not windows?  When they have lead detailing on the surface of the glass. These can present a problem as the lead can be damaged if clean too vigorously so great care is needed. We use the pure water system upstairs and an specialist window cleaning spray for downstairs. 

The windows look great afterwards, leaving no smears or runs as well as prolonging the life of the windows because they are kept free from dirt and stains.  


High-level windows are difficult and dangerous to access using ladders but the reach and wash pole system allows access to previously unclean-able windows. 

We cleaned a concerted farm house and all the windows were cleaned, including some period large-paned wooden windows